Mission and Values


The Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation is a systematic, comprehensive approach to clinical tobacco dependence treatment developed by cessation experts at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Our mission is to assist healthcare organizations and health professionals to transform clinical practices appropriate to the treatment of smokers through knowledge translation, implementation support, and quality evaluation. In doing so, our aim is to assist large numbers of tobacco users by ensuring the provision of effective, evidence-based tobacco-dependence treatment, delivered by knowledgeable healthcare professionals.


The Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation reflects the following principles:

► QUALITY  |  The Ottawa Model embodies an efficient, comprehensive, and evidence-based, approach to clinical smoking cessation practice and evaluation.

► COLLABOLATION  |  We collaborate with leading healthcare professionals, clinical and behavioural scientists, and professional organizations to develop and share knowledge in order to provide practical and effective treatment options for smokers.

► COMPASSION  |  We demonstrate compassion for smokers, regardless of intention to quit, by providing non-judgmental, accessible-care and support.